Custodian takes place in the world as you know it; yours and my world and our everyday life. In our cities and countries, through our history and in our present time. In our world, the Order reigns. You are unaware, because that’s how the Order wants it. That’s kind of the point. The Order is an ancient, silent organization whose mission is to “divide the realities” and protect people from other beings who walks the earth. Deviations of species that you and I probably would refer to and perceive as supernatural. Mythological. In the world you live in, there are many beings. They have always been there. Here. You just don’t know it. Demons, vampires, shapeshifters, witches and witchmasters are some of the most common. Many more exists and have existed throughout history, and before that. Some have diminished and disappeared. Others have grown in numbers and strength. Most of them have adapted to the order of things that are and the urban life of man, wandering among us. But you don’t see them. You don’t notice them. They don’t make themselves known. Why? The Order wants it that way, keeps it that way. One world. Two realities. As said. That’s the point of it all. That you should be protected and secure, and be able to live on and go about your day without the knowledge that other beings even exists.

Today, the world you know is divided into thousands of grounds. Each ground has its own usher and protector of order, a custodian who moves between realities, who sees all and watches over all beings. Beings can not move freely between different grounds. They can not hurt or make themselves known to people. Then the order of things that are is disturbed and broken, the order that has prevailed and reigned since the birth of civilization. Since the days of Babylon. Since the first walls were erected. A custodian can feel and sense when it happens. A Custodian moves on the frontier and the border between the two realities, senses even the slightest of distrurbances in its ground, just as a spider feels every vibration in its web, connected to every thread. A custodian sees and feels through people and therefore has eyes and senses everywhere. They are originally ordinary people with unusual perceptive powers. Found, trained and, let’s say refined, to his or her task.

If a breach occurs, a custodian can choose to find and either warn or lock a being, or choose to send bid for a deconstructor right away. Breaking the order can lead to a deconstruction, and an archiving. To deconstruct beings is a punishment and a technique as ancient as the Order itself. When the Order’s very first demon hunters chased down, captured and killed demons, they in time realized that it was only the vessel, the mortal being, they managed to Hunt down and kill while the entity often lived and lingered on, bid its time or just changed body and continued to walk the earth as if nothing had happened. Deconstruction became a way of ensuring that the entity and not just the being was truly captured and rendered harmless. The demon hunters became deconstructors; those who not only hunt down and eliminate, but also divide the often cursory being from its eternal entity. This who separates the ghost from the machine. The technique is taught by the old and retired masters and involves sucking the entity out of the being with both hands and mouth, and then storing and transporting the being in either its own body or in an object that can encapsulate the entity, a dybbuk. In order to punish, as well as maintain order and keep notaries and records, the Order began to gather and store all deconstructed entities in one place. The archive. In addition to custodians and deconstructors, the Order consists of a variety of roles, each with its specific task. Messengers, notaries, oracles, internal recallers and many more, right up to each continent’s own patron, and finally the high patron who rules the Order. Reigns over one world and two realities. Over all grounds and beings.

However. It’s been a long time since the Order was fully in order, so to speak. Over time, the organization has become decayed, weakened, fragmented and corrupted. In many grounds, beings are beginning to stire, crossing and breaching the boundaries between both realities and grounds. Disturbing and breaking the order. Beginning to step across the invisible line that has kept everything in decent order for thousands of years. Some believe that the Order is ready to fall, that it’s only a matter of time. Just as Babylon’s walls and towers were once erected and torn down, so must all orders be broken and all civilizations fall. The question is always just when.