Previous story: 400 years The elevator in the apartment building rattled and stopped sometimes and with it, time. The inside covered with vibrating metal sheets and worn wooden moldings that reminded him of a basement in a house where a family had hung hollow and drained. The floor of the entrance and the steps in […]


She had seen smoke. Remembered every detail. It was there when everything fell apart and changed form and disappeared and order was restored. Cigarettes had its smoke, forests had its smoke, houses had its smoke, bodies had its smoke. From black, burdened with soot and crawling along the ground to milky and thin, dissolving into […]

Letter from ground 716

Surely there must have been a beginning. There must have been a place and a time where and when all beings came from and came to be. Maybe there even was a thought behind and before it all. But it doesn’t matter much now. Neither for you nor me. What’s important for you to understand, […]